The site contains some disused buildings which is partly surrounded by woodland. It stretches from the A404 Amersham Road northwards on the border of the High Wycombe urban area in Hazlemere. The principle for using it for housing has already been established under policy reference HW8 in the Wycombe District Local Plan, adopted in August 2019. Bellway North London, is now bringing forward more detailed plans to take the planning decisions forward. 

Lying on the edge of Hazlemere, the context of the site is predominantly rural, although it is bordered by  neighbouring dwellings on one side.  Bellway is keen to retain this countryside feel. The main entrance will be onto the A404 Amersham Road, with a second entrance for pedestrians and cyclists further along the main highway.  There will be a second pedestrian route leading to and from the site on the northern boundary (the side furthest from Amersham Road). The existing hedgerows and trees on all of the boundaries will be kept as far as possible. New trees and shrubs of native species will be planted to augment them, where it is felt this is required, helping to improve the quality and longevity of the vegetation. A plan of our proposed development is shown on the left. 

The 290 homes will be built along new roads. The density has been designed to reflect the surroundings while remembering the local need for high quality homes.  There will be 2, 3, and 4 bedroom houses and 1 and 2 bedroom apartments. Their character will vary depending on their location in the development. Those on the boundaries will look onto hedgerows and trees, which will act as a buffer with existing neighbouring properties, some in the centre will look onto an open landscaped square while others will be along new roads with grass verges and flower beds. 139 (48%) will be earmarked as affordable homes.