The site stretches from the A404 Amersham Road northwards on the boundary of the High Wycombe urban area. The principle for using it for housing has already been established under policy reference HW8 in the Wycombe District Local Plan, adopted in August 2019. Last year a planning application (Ref: 21/08364/FUL) was submitted. This included 290 new homes, landscaping and parking.  After widespread local consultation these plans have now been updated, with the entrance being relocated,  the number of homes reduced to 259 and the amount of green space increased.

Updated Master Plan
Original Master Plan

A summary of the main changes made in response to local feedback includes:

A new entrance located further along Amersham Road in response to local residents’ concerns.

A reduction in homes from 290 to 259 ensuring the number of homes combined on our site, and the nearby Inland Homes site, is inline with HW8

The amount of open space has been increased and complies with local planning policy

Improved buffer zones on the edge of the development protecting the privacy of existing neighbouring properties

New sports and play areas for children

We have been working closely with Inland Homes to ensure that our proposals integrate with the Inland Homes proposed site layout and the Nicholas King Homes site. This will ensure a comprehensive approach to the site’s design is achieved as required by Policy HW8 of the Wycombe Local Plan. The proposed layout also is consistent with the Development Brief for HW8 produced by the Council.