The boundaries around the site are predominantly made up of well-established hedgerows and trees.  Although there is existing housing nearby, the country nature gives it a special appeal.  We are keen to retain this sustaining local biodiversity and enhancing wildlife.  We will keep as many of the trees and hedgerows around the site’s edges as possible. This includes the majority of the mature hedgerow and established tree planting along Amersham Road, where we are keen to protect the verdant feeling along the highway and the setting of the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty to the south of the site. When vegetation has to be removed we will plant new hedgerows, shrubs and trees of native species nearby.  This will add young, healthy plants to the mix, which should improve the longevity of the boundaries.  

Planting through out the development will encourage a rural feel. Houses looking towards the boundaries will look onto the hedgerows and trees which will form a green buffer with neighbouring properties.  A children’s play area will be created along the boundary on the Badger Way side.  There will be a large central square creating a sense of greenness. Internal streets will have grass verges and flower beds.  

The traditional nature of the woodland in the corner between Amersham Road and Badger Way will be kept. Where trees have to be removed,  there will be additional planting with natural species. This will often mean that new, younger will replace older trees often improving the overall quality.